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Diane Musgrove

Meet San Diego's Favorite Family

If I were to pick one word that epitomizes Diane Musgrove’s main focus in life, it would be “Family.”


Born and raised in San Diego, Diane’s parents were first-generation Italian Americans who settled in Little Italy.  As a young girl, much of Diane’s youth centered around her horses.  “I loved my horses, and at one point, I was boarding several horses, plus the two I owned, caring for them and numerous horse-related duties daily before school.  They definitely kept me out of trouble as a young girl.”  A graduate of Grossmont high school, she is one of four children, with two sisters and a brother.

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Caffe Adesso

Alpine's Favorite Morning Ritual

The year was 1998, and Diane and Mark Musgrove, along with Jim Fitzpatrick and Rita Rodriguez, decided that the beautiful town of Alpine was in need of a quick stop for morning commuters.


 Many of the residents of Alpine spent every day driving to work in San Diego.  They knew there was a need, and they set out to open a convenient drive-through coffee shop to make Alpine residents experience a much more pleasant commute.  It was a great idea then, and 25 years later, Caffé Adesso is still serving their community better than ever.

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Symbiotic Training Center

Making a Difference for Today's Athletes

Joe Musgrove has brought so much to San Diego since coming home to a position as a starting Pitcher for the San Diego Padres.  Of course, there was the first No Hitter in the San Diego Padre's 54-year history and a long list of charitable endeavors to his credit, but that's not all. 


With his recent grand opening of Symbiotic Training Center, he is now sharing with our town the professional techniques and training that helped Joe attain his position as one of the great pitchers in the game of baseball.

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Inside Our Pages

IMG_Romero 0015re.jpg

Dr. Rita Romero Ph.D

close upips.jpg

Angela Sandoval

King 0001.JPG

Rachel King

Nothing to Whine About

During the 16 years I have been running San Diego Woman Magazine, I have been honored to interview some of the most amazing women.  Dr. Rita Romero certainly fits into this category.  Dr. Romero has received many well-deserved honors from the patients she has helped over the years and the community here in San Diego and was selected as one of the top three best rated psychologists in San Diego both in 2022 and 2023.  We now honor her as a Woman of Distinction for San Diego Woman Magazine.

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Just as its name suggests, The Alcove, a small intimate wine bar/restaurant tucked away along a busy stretch of El Cajon Blvd. in San Diego, has become a little gem for local residents. Situated in the quiet El Cerrito neighborhood nestled between Talmadge and the College District, the vision for creating a place for old and new friends to gather has been the brainchild of owner and entrepreneur Angela Sandoval.

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Montepulciano 1.jpg

8 Days in Montepulciano

While traveling through Italy several years ago, I discovered the large town of Montepuliciano, where I wine tasted and then roamed the narrow cobblestone streets of this wonderful gem in Tuscany. I was so mesmerized and enthralled with its charm and history I realized one day was not enough and vowed to return for a much longer stay, and that is just what I did two years later.

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Jose Fonseca 1.jpg
Jose Fonseca 4.jpg

José Fonseca

In English

Allow me to introduce you to my friend, José Fonseca.  José is not only a great friend but also a walking financial brain whom I stumbled across several years ago.  Fonseca is very smart.  He graduated in finance approximately twenty years ago.


 Fonseca took advantage of his degree and put it into practice with what he had learned during his career.  

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In Spanish

When Rachel King was growing up, she knew one fact for sure; she did not want to move into a career in which she could not make her own decisions.  Always an independent thinker, Rachel realized that the natural progression of a college education straight out of high school was not the path she would take.  A short stint in college was proof enough for her to approach her future in a very different way.  “When I was 18, I quickly realized, after about six weeks in school, that I just wasn’t really interested in college.  I wasn’t ready for it.”

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Hi Res Image Melissa.jpg

Melissa Tucci

Official Realtor of the San Diego Padres

We had the great pleasure of meeting Melissa Tucci over seven years ago, and we made an immediate connection with her.  We loved not only what she did for the people of San Diego, but we also loved how much care she showed to every one of her clients.

Melissa works tirelessly in both the seller and buyer positions.  Her knowledge of the many diverse neighborhoods within our town makes her a valuable asset when it comes to the needs of her clientele.  Her dedication doesn’t stop there; Melissa makes a point of always being available when needed. 

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And Don't Forget Our Last Issue

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Stasia Krahling

Three Generations in Banking

When most little girls are eight years of age, their main interests are sleepovers and Barbie dolls; this was not the case for Stasia Krahling.  Growing up with a legacy of banking professionals in her family, Stasia's interest was deep-seated in the financial industry as the third generation of bankers, "My Grandfather, Father, and Mother were all in the financial industry and worked for Wells Fargo, so it was almost a natural progression for me to work for this organization that had been such a great part of my family for generations."

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Kim Shores

Watching Over Your Wealth

I was pleased to speak with Kim Shores, Private Wealth Advisor with Wells Fargo's Private Bank.  Kim has been in the banking industry for 30 years.  "I started on the East Coast in the '90s working for NationsBank, which then became Bank of America.  I worked there for 15 years and helped build out their private lending platform." A new concept at the time, Kim was part of a team that created the predecessor to what exists today in most major banks. 

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Musgrove 0011.JPG
Caffe' adesso buiding.jpg

Carnival in Mazatlan
By Robin Dohrn-Simpson

After Christmas festivities and Valentine’s romance, it’s time for atonement. That atonement, according to the Catholic Church, is Lent, a 40-day period of fasting, abstinence, and repentance, leading up to Easter. As a sign of sacrifice, devotion, and personal strength, millions of people worldwide give up something. However, before the hardships, foregone pleasures, and sacrifices begin, many countries celebrate with music, food, alcohol, and fun. This celebration is called Carnival, Carnaval, or Mardi Gras.

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Weight loss .png

Stress and Weight Loss
By Stephanie Lee

Often, when we consider Stress Management, our first

thought is to completely eliminate stress in our lives.

However, the truth of the  matter is we need a certain degree of stress to achieve many goals. Yes, I know it's hard to imagine that stress cam be a good thing.  Don't you just wish it didn't exist at all?  Well, following are a few examples of where stress can be a benefit to us.  

Working out or exercising stresses our body which helps us grow physically by getting stronger and more flexible muscles.

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SummerVibesPainting (002).jpg

Carly Castillon
Bringing Beauty to Life

Carly Castillon is an amazing artist who knew from the time she was a young girl that she wanted to be an artist.  It wasn't only a desire but an obvious choice.  "My parents were always very supportive of my career choice.  When I was in first grade, my teacher told my parents that they needed to get me into art classes because I was the only child in class who drew the classroom in perspective.  All the other kids were just drawing a flat desk.  I had three-dimensional and vanishing points."

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20220820_143503_resized (003).jpg

Empowered Latinas Come Together
to Empower Others

By Maggie Ramos

Earthquakes and Wildfires and Snakes.
Oh My!

By Judith A. Habert

What is the story?  Today my story is about empowering fellow Latinas.  We are a minority that, more often than not, is left behind.  But on August 20th, MANA de North County San Diego gathered in San Marcos with many eager participants at ONE SAFE PLACE to host their First Annual National Latina Day Conference, aimed at Latinas empowering each other to move ahead in life.

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When the decision was made for our family to relocate to San Diego there were many of our New York family and friends who were aghast at the idea.  “Why would you move there, you will die in an Earthquake.”  First off let me say that New Yorkers are excitable creatures by nature, so this very dismal response to a statement we made was not unexpected.  Of course, there were a few who were more positive.  Their response was, “Wow, that is awesome, I hear that San Diego is absolutely beautiful, but hopefully you will not die in an earthquake.”

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Our Past Issues

women and money.png

Why Women Need to Focus More on Their Retirement
By Leigh Singleton

According to a recent data survey conducted by digital banking platform, Monifi, 85% of men are actively saving a portion of their income, while only 77% of women are currently able to put away the same portion of finances. Leigh Singleton, Director of Financial Education, shares her top three tips for ensuring women are budgeting, saving, and preparing their finances to keep up with their male counterparts!

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San Diego Woman Glace Ziperovich Cover-1.jpg

Meet  Cover Girl Glace Ziperovich


Immigrating from Brazil at the tender age of 23.  She was all alone and  unable to speak the language, but Glace  was determined to make a success of herself in her new country.  She did just that!  She earned multiple degrees and became a teacher.  Then moved on to start her own business opening an elite fitness studio in Poway, which was a huge success until COVID reared its ugly head shutting down gyms throughout the state.  Now she is manufacturing and selling one of the best Plant Based Protein Drinks around.  You will be amazed when you read the determination of this young woman to never let anything get her down and to use her positive attitude to reach for the stars.  

Check out our special feature on the historic El Camino Country Club in North County.  The club is on land purchased from  Olympic Skater and Actress Sonja Henie and Child Star and Diplomat Shirley Temple. It is a hidden paradise you will want to check out!

In the mood to shop? Check out our Summer Shopping Spectacular.  So much to buy, so little time.

Cindy Salas Murphy Smaller Cover.jpg

Meet Cover Girl Cindy Salas Murphy. 


You will love learning how this woman found a way to solve a major healthcare issue with her company WithHealth,® Inc. Cindy is the epitome of a strong, intelligent, and resourceful woman.  She is a single mom who left a well-paying position with great benefits and stability to forge her way to the top of the healthcare industry.  You will love reading her story.

Read about what women have accomplished since the origin of San Diego Woman over 15 years ago. 

Take a trip through the Czech Republic with its beautiful scenery and wonderful traditions, and get motivated by reading what the rest of our Women of Distinction have accomplished.

Amy Haber Cover.jpg
Windus Cover.jpg

Meet Cover Girl Amy Haber


You will love reading about this amazing woman and a career that has led to her current position as Senior Vice President of Sales and Education with the well-known and respected SENTÉ Skin Care.


Leading With Love is exactly how Amy motivates her staff and the success she has achieved will motivate all of our readers.

Our Ask Dr. Sudi column is full of advice on how to stay healthy and safe during the winter months.  We have taken her message to heart and are following her invaluable information so we can all stay healthy and so should you!

Meet Cover Girl Windus Fernandez Brinkkord.


If you are looking for a financial professional who will guide you on the road to a secure financial future look no further than Windus. After you read her story you will love her as much as we do.

Women are making great inroads in the area of professional sports.  Read about Samantha Gilmore New York Mets Motivational Performance Coach.  Leading the way for women working in the world of Professional sports. 


Kiko is the COO of Doctor Multimedia, the leading medical marketing company in the industry according to Google. Learn more about Kiko and how she has helped them gain their current level of success.

In this special expanded issue, you will find an incredible number of outstanding women who share their stories with us.

Tess Ed cover for website.jpg

Dr. Tess Mauricio graces the cover of our Education Issue.  Read about her husband Dr. James' discovery of supplements to help improve brain health after suffering a traumatic brain tumor.

This issue is stock full of information, education and entertainment.  Click on the cover to read the digital version now.

Front Cover smaller.jpg

Lonnie Murray, one of the only Female Sports Agents in the country, graces our cover.  How fitting when the issue is "San Diego Woman Magazine's Inspirational Women Issue."

You will be amazed when you read how she managed to become tops in a field that is primarily dominated by men.

Cover Only smaller.jpg

Denise Arand graced the cover of San Diego Woman Magazine. She shared the secrets of a secure and prosperous future in her feature. Don't forget to read her book Wine, Women & Wealth.  It is a must read for all!


Our special Author's Issue is crammed full of great books from great authors. Everything from self help, to great romances, to science fiction adventures and much more.  

Citadel Penn Cover.jpg

Meet our cover girl Citadel Penn wearing a beautiful design by Kenneth Barliss and photographed by Monique Hoppe. 


Citadel is a financial planner who goes out of her way to protect the financial future of her clients.  You will love to read how she got to where she is today.



Dr Shashita Inamdar and Dr Sudi

Meet two amazing women who are top physicians, not only in San Diego but globally.  You will be amazed at what these two women have accomplished and continue to accomplish.

Dr. Shashita Inamdar is the Medical Director of Achieve Concierge and Achieve TMS and has brought cutting edge Holistic treatment for Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit, not only to San Diego, but throughout the World.

Dr. Sudabeh Moein is the owner of Moein Health and a new addition to Achieve Concierge.  She is a Physician, Inventor and Global Advocate for Women's Health.

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