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Symbiotic Training Center

Making a Differance for Today's Athletes

Joe Musgrove has brought so much to San Diego since coming home to a position as a starting Pitcher for the San Diego Padres.  Of course, there was the first No Hitter in the San Diego Padre's 54-year history and a long list of charitable endeavors to his credit, but that's not all.  With his recent grand opening of Symbiotic Training Center, he is now sharing with our town the professional techniques and training that helped Joe attain his position as one of the great pitchers in the game of baseball.


Symbiotic Training Center had its grand opening earlier this month.  I had the good fortune of being able to tour the facility and meet some of the professionals who make this center so unique.  It is San Diego's Top Training Center for Baseball Athletes.  Symbiotic is a collaborative community providing both education and opportunity to driven athletes.


Originally founded in 2017 by Jono Green and Dana Sorensen, Symbiotic is a collective of diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and modalities.  Joe Musgrove was introduced to Jono Green by his Godfather and pitching coach, Dominick Johnson, and as they say, the rest is history.


Joe worked closely with Jono for close to ten years and always knew that at some point, he wanted to share Jono's expertise with other athletes who he knew would benefit from the intense training he had received.  In Joe's own words, "Over the course of my 12+ years in professional baseball, one thing I've learned is that you can't do it alone.  Building an experienced and dedicated team of people around you is key to overcoming the obstacles that the game puts in front of you.  I want to share this community and experience with the athletes of San Diego.  Symbiotic is a place where you can gain access to the things that professionals do on a daily basis to maintain their physical and mental edge- a place where you can do your physical therapy, workout, and recovery, all under one roof."


Born and raised in England, Jono came to the US to attend college.  "I moved to the United States when I was 20 to attend school in Ohio.  I played basketball in college, and that is when I began studying kinesiology.  I ended up moving my efforts less towards playing sports and more towards studying them, which led me to move to California to begin my career training athletes."


At first, Jono lived in Orange County and was training baseball players there when he heard about Dominick Johnson, a renowned pitching coach in San Diego, who was also working with one of his personal training clients.  "I made the move to San Diego, and Dominick sent me over a few of his young guys to start working with.  One of those athletes was his Godson, Joe Musgrove."


Joe added, "When I started training with Jono about ten years ago, I realized how much I had to gain working one-on-one with a personal trainer.  As the years went by, Jono left the facility where he worked in hopes of starting his own business.  This required a large outlay of capital to do so.  At first, we were bouncing around to different gym spaces or working outdoors at the beach; the ultimate goal was to find a large enough space to build the ultimate training facility."


On July 6, 2023, Joe Musgrove and trainer Jono Green opened Symbiotic, located at 9020 Kenamar Drive, Suite 201, in San Diego, and their dream became a reality. 


Their 8,400 sq. ft. Symbiotic Training Center is equipped with 100 ft. of turf area for sprinting and throwing, a 4,500 sq. ft. training floor, ample natural lighting, and an indoor pitching mound with data analytics so athletes can pitch year-round.  The center includes a variety of recovery equipment and modalities, including physical therapy, cold plunge and contrast therapy by Edge Theory Labs, and a Normatec/Hyperice recovery room.


This all-star team includes Dr. Ashley Maher and Dr. Randi Esquibel, who both hold the designation of Performance Therapists, PT, DPT.,  and Symbiotic partner Brett Rabin, a California Licensed Acupuncturist who has been the Acupuncturist for the San Diego Padres since the 2015 season.

Softball pitching instruction and performance programs are also available and offered by Dana Sorensen, a former pitcher at Stanford University, the National Professional Fastpitch League, and the USA national team.


This facility not only caters to professional athletes but also trains student-athletes at the high school and college levels.  They have recently designed a program for students at the 8th-grade level and under to help educate them to avoid injuries and promote a positive experience to even the youngest athlete.


Although Symbiotic specializes in baseball and softball,  Jono has worked with a lot of football and basketball players, as well as golfers, in the past.


The first step in the process of becoming part of this amazing program includes a 90-minute assessment.  The first 60 minutes are conducted by one of their physical therapists.  Then, the last 30 minutes are spent with Jono or one of their trainers, who will do metric style testing, sprints, jumps, rotational power, and other specific testing based on their sport.  It is at this point that Jono will go to work customizing each athlete's program.  "I write the customized program for each of the athletes based on the results of the evaluations and assessments.  We then use a hosting app on the athlete's phone with their individualized workout.  I post everybody's workout on their app on the days that they're coming in for training."


The athletes come in small groups, usually no more than ten athletes at a time.  The group will start on time together, doing some speed and agility work as a group.  But when it comes to their actual workouts, everybody is performing an individual workout, doing their own thing, and the staff will oversee those programs and give them any help they need.


The goal of Owner Joe Musgrove, Jono Green, CEO and Founder, and all of the members of Symbiotic is to help athletes achieve their goals and perform at the top of their game while teaching them to avoid injury and to become in tune with their strengths and weaknesses so they can obtain optimum performance.


If you are an athlete or know an athlete who could benefit from Symbiotics training center, contact them at 619.736.9254 or by email at

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