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You Could Have The Best Product or Service in the World, But if No One Knows About it, You Will Not Succeed!

At San Diego Woman We Make Sure This Won't Happen

At San Diego Woman Magazine, we understand that when it comes to spending your hard earned money to promote your business, there are a plethora of choices you can make. 


You can advertise in print, you can run web advertising, you can send out regular emails to your clients and potential clients, you can use email blasts or go to one of about 100+ weekly networking meetings in San Diego. 


Will these methods work?  Yes, they will. All have some impact on your business, and in getting your name out to the public.  But, can you just imagine the cost of employing experts in each one of these fields?


Now you don't need to make a decision.  If you sign on with San Diego Woman you will get ALL of these forms of advertising for one low price.  A price which is lower than any other print publication in San Diego.


San Diego Woman is the only Women's Magazine in San Diego, and as such, we have a print readership of over 60K and an online digital readership of over 40K.  Each issue of our magazine is generally passed on to 3 additional readers who not only read our articles, but see all advertising in each issue.  In addition, our specialty issues tend to be held on to for a year until the following year's edition is published.


For more information, to request a media kit, or a consultation with one of our advertising experts, just fill out the form below.



For Advertising Rates,

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1-888 275 7125           OR        1-844 SDWOMAN (739 6626)

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