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San Diego Woman Magazine is a Major promoter of WOMEN in San Diego.  Now we are looking to other San Diegans to help us continue our mission to empower our amazing women with your help!


Please take a moment to read the information below and feel free to pass it on to anyone you know who may also have interest in helping promote women

Changing With The Times

As most organizations are pivoting today to survive the changing business climate, we are as well at San Diego Woman Magazine. Our magazine’s focus is still the same showcasing amazing women in our community. We’d like to continue doing that with your help.


San Diego Woman Magazine is excited to let you know we now have a sponsorship program. The goal of our sponsor program is to generate funds to continue to roll out good content to our readers. We would also like to broaden to showcase products and diversity programs in the community. This will round out the magazine, and provide our readers insight into all the amazing work many women and companies are doing in San Diego to highlight women.



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Our goal is to provide opportunities for people and organizations to be part of our publication, while also balancing the flexible nature of our sponsorship pricing.


If you don’t see a package or dollar amount that fits your budget, reach out and we’d be happy to talk to you directly and develop a custom program.



To Sign up for one of our Sponsorship Programs

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