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Shea Vaughn San Diego Women of Distincti
Shea Vaughn San Diego Women of Distincti
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The Holiday season is fast approaching, and our upcoming issue will get you quickly into the Holiday spirit. Our year end issue is always one of our most popular issues


I would like to take this time to Congratulation you for being selected as a part of this exclusive group of San Diego Woman Magazine’s “Women of Distinction.”


San Diego Woman Magazine is the only women’s magazine in San Diego and the prime resource for women promoting women. We publish a print magazine which is read by over 60,000 readers and a digital page turner magazine, read by well over 40,000 more.


Our research team have selected you as one of our “Women of Distinction,” for our upcoming Holiday Issue. When choosing whom we want to honor as a "Woman of Distinction" in our magazine we carefully reviewed many candidates and found you to be an outstanding choice.


One of the main purposes of our publication is to educate our readers about the amazing women in our town and the wonderful things they do both personally and professionally. As women, we often have trouble promoting ourselves, regardless of how many accomplishments we have. Our "Woman of Distinction" feature allows us to do this for you.


As a publication that prefers not to charge our readers to be informed on what's going on in our town, we rely only on advertising income for printing and distribution. To ensure that all women can afford to be a part of our issue and advance their businesses, through our pages, we have remained the least expensive advertising outlet in San Diego and we now even offer a payment plan, which allows a feature in our magazine to be accessible to all women.


We have cut our fee from $1,995 to just $600 for this full-page feature article. Your feature will not only tell your story, but provide all contact information, so our readers can get in touch with you to utilize your services.


If you would like to join this select group of women who have appeared in our publication as “Women of Distinction,” please go online to and register. Only an initial deposit is required to set up, and conduct, your interview with one of our writers.


If you have any questions or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me via text at 858 735 5301, email me at or contact me by phone at 888 275 7125.


I look forward to hearing from you and sharing your story with our readers. Click Here--- If you would like to see some current "Women of Distinction"



Warm Regards,



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