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Did You Know?

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Did you know there's a planet that's shaped like a potato?

About the same size as Pluto, the dwarf planet Haumea orbits the sun beyond Neptune and has rings that are similar to Jupiter. But what makes this object even more interesting is that it's shaped like a potato!

Did you know there is a museum dedicated to failure?

Boasting around 159 failed products and innovations, the touring Museum of Failure features displays on such bad ideas as Harley-Davidson perfume, Colgate frozen entrees, and Microsoft Zune.

Did you know it only takes six minutes for alcohol to affect your brain?

Give yourself 6 minutes and you’ll see your favorite alcoholic beverage can go to your head a lot quicker than you think. Researchers at Heidelberg University Hospital found that just six minutes after consuming alcohol, changes are already taking place in the brain!

Did you know the filling in Kit Kats is made from damaged Kit Kats?

The folks at the Kit Kat factory sure know how to recycle! Whenever a Kit Kat bar is somehow made imperfect during production like air bubbles or some other issue, the chocolate bar isn’t thrown out. Instead, they ground up into a fine paste and turned into a filling that's then incorporated back into the production process to create new Kit Kat bars!

Did you know "Q" is the only letter that doesn't appear in any U.S. state name?

Go through the list of the fifty nifty states and we can guarantee you won’t find any state that has the letter Q in its name!

Summer is Over Blues

For many who live on the East Coast, the end of summer blues is completely understandable.  The thought of the beautiful weather coming to an end and being replaced with cold and snow gives east coasters a very good reason to sink into a depression.  What is our excuse in San Diego?  Our weather is not much different in winter, spring, summer, or fall. Still, we do feel the blues.  This year it is more understandable as this was our first normal summer in several years due to Covid-19.  

So, what do we do to get over the blues.  The best way is to give ourselves a break and acknowledge what we are feeling.  Also, realize that the end of summer does not mean the end of outdoor activities. 

1. Plan a hike or a bike ride. 

2. Visit the beach and other places that you may have steered away from to avoid crowds.  Surprisingly many San Diegans stop going to the beach even though the weather is still warm enough.

3. Look forward to upcoming holidays like Halloween and Christmas. This can be helpful if one of the reasons you have the blues is that we will not have as much free time to spend with friends and relatives.  The upcoming holidays allow us to connect again with family and friends. 

4. Exercise and eat right.

5. Consider talking to a counselor if the feeling persists or you feel as if you are sinking deeper into the depression.

What is Trending?

Fall Trends for 2022 include the following:

1.    Ultra Baggy Denim

2.    Leather Jackets

3.    Punk Prep (midi-length pleated skirts, white shirts, and loafers

4.    Textured knit sweaters in bright colors

5.    Bigger, better bomber jackets

6.    White tank tops and blue jeans combos

7.    Floor skimming hemlines

8.    Tailored waistcoats

9.    Head-turning trench coats

10.  Square loafers

Remember, not all trends are for everyone.  So, pick the ones you love and show them off!

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