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Joe Musgrove Shares...
Thoughts on Mom

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"The Italian culture runs very deep on my Mom's side of the family. As more years pass, I see more and more of my Grandma in her.  My Grandma was a sensational woman too.  Grandma was the same type of lady, extremely hardworking, who just lived to be a Mother and to take care of people. I feel like my Mom is the definition of what a Mother is. It seems like her whole life since she's had kids has been the most selfless life that I could imagine. Everything she does is always for other people. I can't remember the last time I saw her go shopping and buy herself some new clothes, take herself out to do something fun, or treat herself to a nice dinner. She’s just always thinking about other people and about her kids and her family, and we are not kids anymore. We are all 30 plus.  But she still treats us like we are her babies.  She is extremely loving. What she went through with my Dad’s illness alone is enough to break somebody down. It wasn’t just the mental wear on her over the years, but the physical. The things that she had to pick up that my Dad couldn’t physically do. And when I'm in season with the Padres, and none of us are around, my Mother carries the weight of everything for our family. She is the reason that our family is still going strong and that we are all as tight as we are. She sets an example through her resilience.  She continues to push forward with no excuses and no complaining ever. Just watching the way that she goes about life is a big motivator for me. And has taught me how I need to approach not just my career but every single baseball game.”

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Meet Cover Girl Windus Fernandez Brinkkord.


If you are looking for a financial professional who will guide you on the road to a secure financial future look no further than Windus. After you read her story you will love her as much as we do.

Women are making great inroads in the area of professional sports.  Read about Samantha Gilmore New York Mets Motivational Performance Coach.  Leading the way for women working in the world of Professional sports. 

Cover Only smaller.jpg

Denise Arand graced the cover of San Diego Woman Magazine. She shared the secrets of a secure and prosperous future in her feature. Don't forget to read her book Wine, Women & Wealth.  It is a must read for all!


Our special Author's Issue is crammed full of great books from great authors. Everything from self help, to great romances, to science fiction adventures and much more.  

Citadel Penn Cover.jpg

Meet our cover girl Citadel Penn wearing a beautiful design by Kenneth Barliss and photographed by Monique Hoppe. 


Citadel is a financial planner who goes out of her way to protect the financial future of her clients.  You will love to read how she got to where she is today.



Dr Shashita Inamdar and Dr Sudi

Meet two amazing women who are top physicians, not only in San Diego but globally.  You will be amazed at what these two women have accomplished and continue to accomplish.

Dr. Shashita Inamdar is the Medical Director of Achieve Concierge and Achieve TMS and has brought cutting edge Holistic treatment for Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit, not only to San Diego, but throughout the World.

Dr. Sudabeh Moein is the owner of Moein Health and a new addition to Achieve Concierge.  She is a Physician, Inventor and Global Advocate for Women's Health.


Kiko is the COO of Doctor Multimedia, the leading medical marketing company in the industry according to Google. Learn more about Kiko and how she has helped them gain their current level of success.

In this special expanded issue, you will find an incredible number of outstanding women who share their stories with us.

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Dr. Tess Mauricio graces the cover of our Education Issue.  Read about her husband Dr. James' discovery of supplements to help improve brain health after suffering a traumatic brain tumor.

This issue is stock full of information, education and entertainment.  Click on the cover to read the digital version now.

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Lonnie Murray, one of the only Female Sports Agents in the country, graces our cover.  How fitting when the issue is "San Diego Woman Magazine's Inspirational Women Issue."

You will be amazed when you read how she managed to become tops in a field that is primarily dominated by men.

Take a Look at Our 10th Anniversary Issue

Fran Drescher aka "The Nanny"  Helps Us Celebrate!

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