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San Diego Woman Magazine was started back in 2007 with a simple idea and a ton of enthusiasm.  Eleven years later we continue on with many changes, but even more enthusiasm. 


The Women we have met over the years and those who have graced our pages have continued to amaze and enthuse us even more.


Please take a few moments to meet the people behind the magazine...


Jaime V. Habert


Events Editor

Judith A. Habert


Carol Heath                   

Assistant Editor                 

Judith is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of San Diego Woman Magazine with an extensive background in publishing, photography and writing.  Judith holds a degree in Photojournalism from St. John’s University in New York.  As the owner of WriteOnDemand, a writing and marketing firm serving the San Diego area, she has authored articles, ghostwritten and edited books, and provided marketing and sales materials to local and national corporations. 

Judith is the author of the humorous book “Hey, I’m Italian,” the story of growing up Italian in New York.  A previous book, “Superstars of Insurance Sales,” was the foundation of a “How to Succeed in Business,” series.  In addition, Judith has ghostwritten, co-written, and edited more than a dozen other books. She has authored hundreds of articles, which have appeared in newspapers and magazines nationwide. She currently has two more books in the works, a cookbook and a follow-up to her current humor book.

Judith is the owner of The San Diego Writing Academy, where she shares her love and knowledge of writing with enthusiastic new authors, both at her specialized interactive seminars and through online learning, one on one coaching and mentoring.(www.sandiegowritingacademy.com)

Judith was previously the Editor-In-Chief of “Women and Money Magazine,” a financial industry based publication which helped educate women on matters of finance, and as Associate Editor of “The Canon Pro-file,” A professional photography publication.  As a freelance photographer Judith has had her photo essays published internationally. She has worked for the History Channel, The Girl Scouts of America, Special Olympics,

A former member of Corporate America, Judtih has held executive positions for Canon USA, Nikon Inc., Doubleday Inc, New York Newsday and Prudential Insurance.  

Carol is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist; a Reiki Master/Teacher; she is certified in a myriad of alternative modalities including Color and Sound therapy, Chakra therapy, Reflexology, Cranial and Lomi lomi massage and developed her own hands on healing method called Tender Loving Touch which she taught to doctors, nurses and other health care providers as part of the CEU programs in northern California before she moved to southern California earlier this year. Carol is a published author, a retired teacher and entrepreneur. 

Jaime is the Entertainment/Events Editor of San Diego Woman and a freelance writ-er out of Carlsbad, CA. She loves to document topics of health and fitness, entrepreneurship, and body image. Her dream is to have a not-for-profit which empowers young girls to focus on their goals in the business world.

Dawn Nicoli/

Nicoli Productions


For over 20 years Dawn has owned and operated Nicoli Productions, an environmen-tal portrait studio, run out of her two-acre property in Escondido.