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How Many Men Have Most Women Kissed In Their Lifetime?

Kissing is great, but how many people will we kiss until we find 'the one'? New research says for women, it's 15 men. But for men? Join Anthony as he walks you through new data on the average romantic life for men and women - from kissing to sexual partners to dates and break ups - the figures may surprise you.

Media Bias Toward  Body Positivty

For women everywhere who struggle with body image, this is a video you need to watch!


The comparison made in the video showing an interview conducted by the same male interviewer to two different women easily shows how society views women based on appearance.  An interesting video to watch.

Emma Watson Stands up for Equality

Emma Watson's moving speech about gender equality and the he for she campaign To join heforshe

Words Of Wisdom from Self Made Female Millionaire &
Billionaire Entrepreneurs

Some of the wealthiest self-made mllionaire & billionaires share of their most important insights.

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