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Women Love College Football Too! 2018 College Championship Game between the Georgia Bull Dogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide

January 10, 2018


Whether you’re an Alabama fan, a Georgia fan, or like me, a Notre Dame fan, you have to give it to Nick Sabin and his Crimson Tide.  Lots of people were upset that the title game wasn’t part of a big bowl game and that only the SEC was represented in the title game. However, this one has to go down as being one of the best title games ever. I really didn’t have a favorite team, I just like college football and after last night’s game, it should prove that the NFL sucks compared to the kids that were on that field.


Georgia had a good first half with their true freshman quarter back, Jake Fromm, throwing for some good yardage and at the half Georgia lead Alabama by 20 points. Sabin made a decision at half time to change quarterbacks and started the second half with true freshman, Tua Tagovailoa, who had arguably the best showing of any true freshman this season and probably for the last decade. This Hawaiian boy stood calmly in the pocket and threw for yards and ran for others, to bring ‘Bama back up slowly but surely. At the end of the 3rd quarter it was Georgia 20, Alabama 10, and although the momentum went back and forth it was never a given that Georgia was going to win. You always had the feeling that Sabin’s Tide was going to come back to roll again


And roll the mighty Tide did behind the arm of their true freshman, Tagovailoa. The fourth quarter started with Georgia leading 20 to 10 and then Alabama put up another 10 points and it was suddenly tied. This was getting exciting as with minutes remaining in regular time it was almost a given that Alabama’s talented field goal kicker, Andy Pappanastos, just had to make a short field goal. This is something kickers work for and dream about their whole lives; to be put in a situation with minutes left in a championship game and they kick the winning points through the uprights. Pappanastos had done this 100’s of times in his football career, he looked calm and composed but his kick didn’t even come close to splitting the uprights and the game ended in a tie


Overtime was the most exciting part of the whole game. Georgia got the ball first from the toss and Georgia’s field goal kicker, Blankenship made his third field goal of the game as he kicked a field goal from 51 yards out. That gave Georgia a 3-point lead.  ‘Bama had to score in their next possession or it would be over. Tagovailoa was sacked for a loss in the first Alabama offensive play in over-time.  Tagovailoa cemented his spot in Alabama football as well as college football history with his game winning toss to wide receiver DeVonta Smith, who was in the end zone. ‘Bama 26, Georgia 23!


This was Nick Sabin’s 6th National Championship, 5 of them with Alabama. Sabin is now in very elite company putting him as one of the winningest College Football coaches ever. Somehow that fact didn’t seem to be important as when Sabin was interviewed at the end of the game, he said that really didn’t matter to him at the moment. “This, was the happiest moment of his life” uttered by Sabin with tears in his eyes, standing on that field with players milling around and protected by several Georgia policemen, wearing those neat Dudley Do Right hats.


This title game was attended by President Donald Trump, who received a rousing welcomed from the crowd. The game was also watched by millions of viewers, while the NFL playoff game viewed just 1 day prior, was down by a double-digit viewership. Just sayin’



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