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The Perfect Gift for the Italian in Your Life
(Or Someone Who Knows and Loves One)

Hey, I’m Italian is an insiders look at growing up Italian in New York. Abducted at gunpoint, being bitten on the nose by the family dog two days before my wedding, and paying for a lavish Hawaiian honeymoon only to learn that our travel agent had absconded with our money, were but a few of the events that shaped my life. But growing up Italian in New York, well that can really shake you up.This humorous account of my life, and the culture in which I was ensconced, shows that there is truly no greater tool in life than being able to laugh in the face of adversity. Hey, I’m Italian is filled with laughs, loves and lunacy, not to mention treasured family recipes and some classic Italian humor. There were many events that shaped my life, however there was only one which truly allowed me to understand why I handled life the way I did and that can be summed up in three simple words "Hey, I'm Italian"

“Hey, I’m Italian” - Our Editor's Bio

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