• By Carol Heath


I tried, honest. You have no idea how hard it was for me not to scream from the rooftops my opinion about the “abortion wave” as I call it. I told myself you’ve ranted about enough subjects this month, but there is no way I can remain silent any longer. Besides, it is a new month.

I’ll make the obligatory statement that this is my opinion and not that of San Diego Woman Magazine, who is a fair and balanced publication. I never thought I would live to see the day when murder would be legal. Let me submit the following to make sure you know where I stand. I am 78 years old, white, a conservative politically, consider myself more spiritual than religious, a mother of 4, and a grandmother. I think the aforementioned gives me some experience of being pregnant and giving birth.

About a week ago, the governor of New York, was applauded and cheered for announcing a new abortion bill that is now law in that state. You may ask what the big deal is, I will tell you. If you read the fine print and the print is not that fine, it clearly states that a woman can seek an abortion in the third trimester and even to the minute of birth.

Time to interject a personal experience, which I usually do. I won't go into in-depth detail, but I have been present during a first-trimester abortion and the induced vaginal birth of a 20-week-old fetus that had died because of an infection in the placenta sack. In both cases, the effects that these incidents have left on me have been profound, even after some 25 years. After seeing a 20-week-old fetus, I can attest to the fact that arms, legs, facial features, even eyelashes, were all very visible in a smaller form.

For me, abortion would never be an option. However, there are exceptions to most rules. I support a woman's right to choose in cases of rape and when the woman’s life is threatened. I do not believe that abortion should be a form or birth control. Many other ways are available which are easily accessible to every woman.

Here is a question for you: Are you aware that you can get a third term abortion in almost every state of the union? It's true, but that isn't well known or even talked about. Now in the case of the New York law, it has a very interesting clause. Apparently, this new law allows and provides non-medical personnel to perform abortions. That says a lot without saying the obvious which is that New York is possibly preparing for a push-back from some doctors, who don’t want to be murders.

Now Virginia’s governor tried to introduce an abortion bill with a press conference where he stated that this new bill would allow a woman to get an abortion during labor, mirroring New York's new abortion bill. Virginia governor, (I know the names of these governors, but I won't give them the media space they so desperately seek.) was not going to let New York’s new law to become the banner by which all abortionist live by.

He doubled down with his statement on a radio show that essentially revealed what would happen if a child is born, they would resuscitate this newborn if necessary and this baby would be kept comfortable, while the doctor and the potential mother would decide at that time if this baby, who is being kept comfortable, will survive or not. I know, reread it, that is what he said, and he said it like he was reciting a grocery list. That statement has invoked some pretty strong remarks from so many people that the bill has been shelved for now. I wonder how long, for now, will last?

An abortion in the first trimester is like a vacuum that sucks out the fetus into a jar like container and disposed of in the medical waste bin. Any abortions performed after that consists of pulling arms and legs in order to remove the baby from the womb, after they have been cut in utero. These are the facts, and when you hear them or read them, they sound horrific, because they are horrific.

I wonder how many murders will be committed under these new laws. But hey, it’s no big thing apparently to some liberal thinking individuals. I dare each one of these proponents to watch a full-term abortion. Watch that baby being born gasping for air turning blue, while some certified baby killer watches.

I wonder what these baby killers do after a long day of ‘infanticide.' Do they go home to their wife and kids? How could anyone do this job? How could anyone even consider getting certified for this job? There was a medical doctor in Philadelphia that performed these late-term abortions and would cut a newborn's spinal cord to ensure there was no chance for survival. He is considered the worst serial killer in modern history. His name is Kermit Gosnell, and he is currently in prison in Pennsylvania, serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. I’m sure he regrets living in PA. However, he did kill a woman in one of his many late-term abortions. Hells bells he’d be a hero in New York, maybe even a trailblazer. I'm sure the woman who died would just be considered collateral damage.

This whole topic is disgusting and unbelievable. As a woman, I can’t fathom you would even consider having a third term abortion. Feeling a baby you have carried around in your body for 9 months, and now you want to kill it. Being informed about any legislation is a good thing. The problem is most people don't read the whole bill, and it becomes the law.

Legal abortion has been the law for some time now, and it has always been described as a mass of cells or just a mass. It has been described as such, so the actual act is like humane instead of murder. When the governor of Virginia described the scene of what an after-birth abortion could be, he actually put a visual to the horrific act. I’m sure that was not his intention, but no matter, because the minute those words came out of his mouth, it was too late. Just as a side note, this guy is a doctor, glad he was never my doctor as I’m sure he would have found a medical reason to shut me up.

Unfortunately, this is not the last of I’m afraid seems to be a growing trend in the United States. I’m expecting any day now that we will be reading that genetic mating is the new law of the land. Just think, they will be able to manipulate everything about a person. Oh, that is if they decide you measure up and not want to cut your throat when you are born. I’m sure they will have another name for it by then, something more acceptable than murder, something like genetic termination.

As a footnote, the governor from Virginia is the same guy that just days after talking so nonchalantly about killing a newborn, stepped in it again. This time a photo surfaced from his medical school yearbook picturing 2 people; l black face, 1 wearing a KKK white hood. This photo was conveniently leaked to the media. Oh, I’m sure it is just a coincidence (I don’t believe in coincidence) that this photo appeared out of thin air. It may or may not be a photo of the gov. I say may or may not be as first he admitted he was one of the figures then the next day he denied it.

In any event, I suggest that the people who are still pushing this abortion wave needed to get rid of him and his big mouth. Why not dig up some dirt as he is a loser, I’m sure it wasn’t hard, then they can get rid of him for being racist, instead of a baby killer. Once a loser always a loser, isn’t that what they say?