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Where’s Megyn Kelly’s Foot?

On her show Thursday, Megyn Kelly did it again. Yeap, she opened her mouth and put her foot right in it. Kelly had a guest that was talking about weight, that subject we just all love to talk about. Maria Kang, known as the Fit Mom, was talking about her new gentler approach to motivating women who are overweight. Kang mentioned shaming was not the way to motivate women. Sounds right to me.

Kelly, as she so often does, decided to put her two cents in and say, "You should parlay the shaming thing into a professional business because some of us want to be shamed." In what world Kelly, in what frigging world? This is not the first time Kelly has said something offensive, but I assume adding the ‘some of us' and including herself made it okay to offend.

When Kang was a bit taken back, Kelly felt like she had to justify her statement, so she went on to tell some lame story about when she was in law school she was gaining weight, so she asked her step-father to remind her about her weight gain. She went on to say that every time she went to the fridge, he would say," Where are you going fat ass?" Kelly continued with, “And it worked.”

As you might imagine, social media started buzzing minutes after Kelly’s remark. I read a good majority of these comments, and I can attest to the fact they were all in disagreement with Ms. Kelly. Now you would think that she would just leave sleeping dogs lie, but not her, no, today she further explained her remarks.

Kelly talks about her whole family being over-weight, some of them resorting to gastric bypass surgery, expensive diets, and over exercising. She even reveals her sister at one time was over 300 pounds; nice one Kelly, way to go. She continues to say how she was chubby in school and can remember how kids used to make fun of her and then we have to hear how she exercised, and starved herself, blah blah.

I guess we all were supposed to understand why she was going into such great detail about her own struggles as she ended by saying, “What I know for sure is that weight is an issue for millions of people, thin and heavy alike. And neither deserves to be judged or shamed for how they choose to handle that struggle,” That was her apology.

Megyn Kelly is a beautiful, perfectly proportioned, educated, lawyer. She gained fame doing the news on Fox. Kelly decided to leave the network after she promoted her book for a week on the air. She never gave a formal reason for leaving, however behind closed doors she intimated that the then head of Fox News, Roger Ailes, may have been the catalyst for her departure. Kelly went to NBC signing a megabuck contract and got a morning show. I give this short tutorial for those who may not know who Megyn Kelly is.

Now you would think with her weight problem past, her education, and whatever knowledge she has gained since law school, that she would have learned by this time that not all of us are as lucky. It's easy to be beautiful when you have a team of makeup artists helping you. It's easy to say calling me or you a fat ass is the way to motivate us. And finally, it is easy, I have noticed for

supposedly intelligent and educated people to be stupid and judgmental.

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