Stretch Marks Turned Into Art!

We all know that artists can create their art in a myriad of different ways. The mantra of the art world, ‘art is in the eye of the beholder’ has been tested over and over; now we can add stretched to those tests. A Pakistan-based artist named Sara Shakeel has turned societal beauty standards upside down by starting a project to counteract those standards that tell women they should hide or somehow reduce the appearance of our stretch marks. Recently while photographing a friend, she was asked by the friend if she could somehow photoshop the stretch marks that appeared in the photo. That made Shakeel sad, and she began to formulate an idea, as only an artist can. She thought of her own stret

Where’s Megyn Kelly’s Foot?

On her show Thursday, Megyn Kelly did it again. Yeap, she opened her mouth and put her foot right in it. Kelly had a guest that was talking about weight, that subject we just all love to talk about. Maria Kang, known as the Fit Mom, was talking about her new gentler approach to motivating women who are overweight. Kang mentioned shaming was not the way to motivate women. Sounds right to me. Kelly, as she so often does, decided to put her two cents in and say, "You should parlay the shaming thing into a professional business because some of us want to be shamed." In what world Kelly, in what frigging world? This is not the first time Kelly has said something offensive, but I assume adding the

You'll Be Sorry

That's what I told my editor when she said that I could write about pretty much anything I wanted to, as long as it was about women. Well here goes Ladies. I AM SICK TO DEATH OF BEING A SECOND-CLASS CITIZEN. In case you are not familiar with what it means when you write in capital letters regarding printed media, emails, articles, posts, etc., IT MEANS I AM SHOUTING. First let be say that this article will not be in any kind of sequential format. Instead, I'm just going to rage about thoughts that come into my head. A word of caution, okay, several words of caution, I’ve been told I have an unfiltered mouth to go along with my unique way of thinking. Don’t you just love the word unique, it m